Price Includes Harness P Type or N Type

Note there are no DIP switches in this model. Programming is via the Smartphone app or a serial connection to the controller itself by removing the cover and plugging into the USB connection inside.


Upgrade to a Wakespeed WS-500 Digital CANbus Alternator Controller

  • This is the problem with analog control. It is a “one size of output for all conditions”. To protect the Alternators, DC charging has to be limited. The user then misses out gaining the high power output at cruising speeds.

Digital CANbus controllers do not convert power, they control it.

  • They are effectively 100% efficient.
  • They change the performance of the alternator to deliver the maximum power to charge the batteries whilst monitoring the alternator and engine.
  • They scale the power to maximum. 
  • They can produce zero load at idle.
  • They are perfect for any size Lithium battery taking them to 100% SOC.
  • Can be used with AGM batteries.
  • They can be mounted in the engine room.
  • They are rugged and compact- only 190 x 100 x 60 mm

Programming the Wakespeed 500 from Smartphone App

Perfect for Lithium

Whatever brand Lithium battery you have, it may suddenly disconnect.

  • We have a simple way of handling this with wakespeed-500 without Alternator burn-out.
  • A Victron ARGOFET 200A Charging Splitter is added with ignition switched activation. This directs the charging to both the starter battery and the Lithium house battery.

  • Lithium is given priority to charge first, then the starter battery takes a small percentage of power.
  • When the Lithium battery makes a disconnect, the Wakespeed takes over and reduces power output keeping the Argofet on for a few seconds while the alternaor dumps power into the starter battery.

Smartphone App Display of Alternator Performance.   

By upgrading from a standard Shunt to Smart Shunt, you will see on your smartphone:

  • Charging Power in Watts.
  • Battery Voltage being Charged.
  • Alternator temperature.
  • Charging History in kWh.
  • Min/Max Battery Voltage.
  • MinMax Alternator Voltage.





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What is the Wiring?



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