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Continuous high power inverter

Data Bus Connected Inverter

​ Inverter
Bluetooth Connected to Smartphone

Understanding Capacity in Watts

  • Inverters can be rated by their continuous or peak capacity in watts. Some brands quote peak capacity. Victron uses continuous use.

  • For short operation of Peal loads (like an induction cooktop set on high), Victron Inverters have an additional Peak capacity. This is generally 180% to 200% of the continuous capacity. 

500W to 3000W

1600W to 3000W




Ultra Low power consumed in eco mode.

This feature reduces power consumption when not in use.

  • When microprocessor operated 240V devices like expresso coffee machines startup, their microprocessor controller starts first before the complete machine is turned on. This microprocess uses very low power. 

  • The Inverter has to sense this low power in “econo” mode or it wont start the coffee machine. Competitors typically “turn up” the watt sense as they cant detect low watt microprocessors in econo mode. This uses a lot more power over night. (see Enerdrive Stories)

  • Victron have an ultra-low power consumption

0.6 -2.1 W

0.6 -2.1 W

High efficiency

  • With up to 94% efficiency, these inverters generate up to four times less heat when compared to the industry standard. 



Remote Control. Inverter can be remotely controlled:

  • With a smart phone (iOS or Android) and the Victron Connect app.

  • With an external switch

  • With Safiery easy touch switch, portable remote and internet access

  • With a Safiery central display 



(Bluetooth App)

Programmable relay

  • The inverters are equipped with a multi-functional relay that by default is programmed as an alarm relay. 

  • Safiery can program to advanced applications if required. 



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