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Safiery technology allows you to make a profit selling green power to the grid at peak times.

Safiery raises the bar in the industry:

  • Exports power to the grid outside of solar hours.
  • Rather than just reduce your power bill, return a profit on your hybrid solar investment.
  • For approved installations, this profit return exceeds the interest rate return from banks.

It works very simply:

  • Solar energy production is used for daytime power and stored in lithium batteries.
  • Power demand is high during the 4pm to 8pm time slot, pushing a high spot price.
  • SSP sells power on the spot market. A threshold is set far higher than the solar feed-in tariff during the day.
  • After the battery is depleted, HPP decides, based on your current energy demand trend and weather solar irradiation forecast, whether to buy power back overnight at very low rates or to wait for the next day’s solar production.
  • Its automatic.
  • SSP reads the spot price every minute.
  • SSP updates the solar irradiation forecast for the next 24 hours every hour.
  • You receive a daily report on the profit you make this month and year to date.

Feedback from an early adopter who has trialled this approach:

Craig from Sydney, Bit Coin Miner:
Just an update – first significant price spike of the season yesterday – system worked flawlessly and dumped 9Kw of energy into the grid from the batteries – total power export yesterday $25 – woo hoo !!”

How to Qualify:

  • Safiery do an energy analysis on your home and existing solar system and energy provider agreement. 
  • For Bitcoin miners, Safiery complete an analysis and energy cost threshold for profitable mining.
  • If your profile matches target criteria, Safiery propose and outright purchase or lease agreement and expected profit return based on the energy analysis. 
  • Your preferred solar installer can complete the install and commission the system. If you don’t have a preferred installer, we can nominate one. 

What’s in the Package:

  1. Solar Panels if you don’t have, or additional panels if you do have, to reach around 16-20kW on the roof. In Melbourne, 24-30kW would be the minimum.
  2. High voltage Lithium batteries (this is the next level of storage) with around 30kWh of energy storage.
    Safiery have installed nearly 1,000 48V Lithium from this supplier and are a distributor for this company. The batteries are CEC Accredited.
  3. Upgraded Hybrid Inverter Charger in one phase or 3 phase for around 15kW export output. This device would be compliant with the just released updated code for Inverters AS4777.2:2020.
  4. Safiery Hybrid Power Optimizer board that interfaces these devices and is internet connected. Included is a Network Protection relay if required by the energy provider. 
  5. Safiery Hybrid Micro-grid Software Licence. Annual licence fee included in contract.
  6. Safiery Monitoring Software Licence. Both energy and financial summary in real time. Monthly licence fee included in contract.
  7. Smartphone app to take with you anywhere. Monthly licence fee included in contract.
  8. Remote Support included in contract.

Three Benefits of Safiery's Sustainable Energy for Profit System

  1. Maximize the Financial Return from your investment.
    If you want to use all of the power produced by the solar panels on your roof to not only power your home, but also export to the grid, you need a battery to charge during the day and discharge at night.

    The typical solar export price between 9am and 4pm is 14-16c/kWh
    The Spot price between 5pm and 7pm often peaks well over a $1/kWh

  2. Improve the reliability and quality of your power supply
    Brownouts occur when the grid is stretched and power quality cant be maintained. This can damage equipment, especially expensive multmedia systems.

  3. Provide Emergency Backup Power for your Home in Case of an Outage
    There are many reasons that the electricity grid can fail unexpectedly, whether it's because of a fire, a storm, or just a particularly hot day. With an off-grid battery system, you can stay online and keep your critical power supply running.

Design based on Renewable Energy ONLY

Renewable power is an uncontrolled source of power, but availability can be predicted. Energy storage solves the big issue of capturing excess renewable power, storing it, and releasing when required. 

Our storage solutions are high voltage lithium for fast efficient capture of solar. Optimizing storage balance is a science based on weather forecasts and expected energy demand.



Design based on Data

A big percentage of installed solar systems simply supply excess power to the grid during solar hours. Maximizing self consumption requires an understanding of the power demand and energy usage of high capacity devices.

Sizing a Solar powered Sustainable Energy power is also often based on weak data and, if at all, very short term measurements. Building a system without a full picture that considers the discrepancies between assumptions and reality can result in mis-applied design and false expectations about savings.



Data Analytics

Safiery’s dedicated team of engineers use data analytics to assess each customer’s energy requirements. Customers describe their lifestyle and the appliances they wish to use.  Safiery’s AI model uses this information to tailor a complete energy solution using a combination of different replenishment power sources of solar and vehicle alternators. Customers are then presented with a three-tier weather scenario and a forecast of time to go for lifestyle options.




However, it’s the monitoring of this customer after system installation that closes the loop on the theory and matches the real results to the model. None of this would be possible without accurate battery energy flow analysis and the CANbus Lithium provide this.





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