GPS Tracking and Alerts

Product Price includes the software:

This system does the following:

  1. Sends you a SMS alert if the caravan or boat has a critical alarm from the SIMARINE system
  2. Sends you an SMS if the carav or boat moves more than 25m radius from where you left it and after you turned on the GPS fence alarm.
  3. Sends you a Google map location of where your caravan or boat is. (after you request it with SMS)
  4. Uses a combo GPS and GSM Antenna.


Setup instructions:

 Insert Sim Card into Sim Socket in the back of the unit (Please ensure Sim Card has been registered on the network and has credit available. 

Attach the aerial provided. 

Connect the 12V power supply to the Batt + and Batt – terminals. 

The LED will fast flash until it finds the network, it will then slow flash (every 3 seconds) which indicates it has found the network and ready to go. 

Send the following text to the unit’s cell number: "Set User" 

The unit will respond with: “ Your number has just been added to the user list” 

Congratulation the unit is now ready to use. 

GPS Setup:

GPS Functions 

The unit can send a text giving it’s current GPS location at any time. 

To get the current location on demand: 

Send Command as SMS to your unit: "loc" 

The system responds with: (example) 

Current location is,174.8678127E 

If no GPS fix can be found the system responds with: "Sorry no signal try again"




To turn this feature on, Send this Command to your unit to activate: "gps alarm on" 

The system responds with an http link to Google Maps: (example) 

",174.8678127E” has been set as the home location" 

The SMS-GPS will alarm via txt message if the unit is outside the boundaries of a geofence. The size the geofence is adjustable by modifying the last 2 digits in the latitude and longitude values. A calculation is made every 3 minutes comparing the current location to the “home location” established when the GPS Alarm On command was issued and acknowledged. 


Boundaries of Geofence 

The boundaries of the geofence can be modified by adjusting the sensitivity to movement of the SMS-GPS unit in the both north-south and east-west direction.

The factory default setting of the geofence is approximately 25 meters. 

If the unit moves outside of the home location the following text will be sent: 

"ALARM the unit has moved outside the home location "


If the unit moves back inside the home location the following text will be sent: 

"The unit has moved back inside the home location"

To turn this feature off: Send this Command to your unit to activate: "gps alarm off" 

The system responds with:  "The GSP home alarm has been turned off "

The GPS checks the GPS location every 3 minutes, if the GPS signal is lost it will try for a further 15 minutes the send the following text: "The GPS signal has been lost"

Once the signal has been found the following text will be sent:  "The GPS signal has been found "

Link GPS Alarm to Output 

The GPS Alarm can be tied to any of the SMS contact output (or is it limited to just some contact outputs?) to turn on a device that is connected to the output. For example, a siren or strobe light may to deter a thief or alert those nearby. 

Send this Command to your unit to activate: "Link GPS to output?" (? can be 1,2,3,etc) 

Response: GPS alarm has been linked to output?

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