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Comfort in camping with free endless energy

  1. 2000W Victron Smart Inverter
  2. 200Ah Smart Lithium
  3. 30A Victron Smart DC to DC
  4. 20A Victron Smart Solar Controller
  5. 250W Smart Portable Solar 
  6. 30A Victron Smart 240V Charger
  7. 100A Main Breaker
  8. 5 x 10-40A Breakers
  9. 300A Mega Fuse
  10. Simarine Pico + Shunts
  11. Showing State of Charge, Time to Go plus Solar/DC to DC , Inverter Currents
  12. Water Tank Sensor 2% accuracy
  13. 2 x Temperature Sensors
  14. Pre-wired "Ready to Drop In"
  15. Add Classic Switch
  16. Add Slimline Dual Colour Lights
  17. Add Dual Colour Square lights
  18. Add 1800W Built-In Induction Cooktop

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Power Control, Monitoring, & Switching, Wiring Packages

  • Its taken us 36 years to be able to design and manufacture a Smart Wiring Harness!

  • The secret to "no problems" is the harness design, automated manufacture and Victron Quality.

Victron Classic Pack with Inverter 200Ah Lithium Simarine (1+ = Included, 0= Option)
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