Power Control, Monitoring, & Switching, Wiring Packages

Its taken us 36 years to be able to design and manufacture these Multiple Layer Smart Wired Packages!

The secret to "no problems" is the matched system & harness design, automated manufacture and Victron Quality.


Buy Design & Components

Loose or Loom Connected

Buy Design, Components Installed

On Surface Mounted Board

Buy Design, Components Installed

in Plug n Play Panel Mounted Package

Fits custom spaces may be combo of surface and panel mount Pre-made to a fixed size on Surface board Pre-made in specially vented and hung cases that plug together
Higher Install cost as its wired together in the vehicle Lower Install cost as its pre-wired and tested on a bench Lowest install cost as mount and connect.
Space Efficiency Limited as multi-layer design is difficult Poor Space efficiency as design is single layer Super high space efficiency as multiple layers with surface mount AND panel mount
Upgrades need redesign and may have limitations as you grow and change your needs Upgrades are easy

Upgrades are easy.

Panel mounted Monitor and optional "Smart Switch" can be installed on single data cables away from case.

Has a great finished look Has a modest look

Factory Look

Case Wrap can be colour coded to vehicle

Hard to move Hard to move and may not suit next vehicle design Can Easily take it with you when you upgrade vehicle
  On-Off is surface mounted breaker switch. Smart Solar continues to charge. Simple On/Off Switch at bottom of case turns off all 12V and Inverter- except allows Smart Solar to charger.




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Switches and Dual Colour Lighting

Switch Magic and Electrifying Lights


Q & A

1. How is the Blue Heeler Case Wired?

We can't show the details to protect our design but the wired terminations and connections between the boxes are sourced from Germany where compact dual layer designs are common. There is a lower "bottom & front" panel section that is easily removed giving access to fuses and breakers. There is a dedicated labelled double layer termination point for each and every wired pair out to "remote" devices like fridge, solar, lights etc. It is extremely easy for a DIY to mount and wire to. Save yourself big bucks.

There is a DIY Installation Manual (hard copy) issued with each system.

There is 3 year telephone support included with the system. 

2. What is the Size? How does it compare? Can the Display be installed elsewhere?

The main case and the inverter measured in a pair are 499 x 487 x 141 mm. 

The size is the most compact in the market for a packaged system.

By comparison, an alternative system recently released takes up more than twice the volume. It is 770 x 630 x 155 mm. 

The Display and Switches can be placed on the main case or installed on a fill-in or wall close by.

3. How is the Inverter Connected and is it Certified by an Electrician?

The 2000W Smart Inverter is installed to Australian Standards complete with an RCBO and checked by a licenced electrician. An installation certificate is issued with clear guidance on installing GPO's. A GPO can be fitted to front of case below the Monitor and Switches. All self contained. 

The Smart Inverter is protected with a Mega Fuse. An individual Current flow is displayed on Simarine. The power flows and control of the Smart Inverter is shown on the bluetooth Victron Smartphone app.  

The inter-case connection between the inverter and case is a 180A continuous power German connector that plugs onto the connector plugs from inside the case. There connectors are IP67. They are flexible yet have locking pins that mean they cant fall apart without human intervention.

4. What Protection is in place to prevent the Inverter running the battery flat?

Most protections systems use voltage sense and protect relays. These work OK with low quality Lithium systems that show voltage drop. However, there is a major problem with good quality Lithium batteries as they have a flat voltage profile which only drops when there is little power left and it may be too late.  We solve this problem in this package. The inverter is automatically turned off at a low "State of Charge %" that you set on your smartphone. We suggest 20% is a great stating point. So when the batteries drop to 20% capacity, the inverter turns off. The rest of the 12V system continues to operate.

5. Is an ignition wire required from the engine for the Victron Smart DC to DC?

No. It is set up to only provide power when the engine is running. This is possible thanks to the built-in engine shutdown detection. This also prevents the onboard voltage of the vehicle from becoming too low. It is not necessary to disturb the vehicle's wiring or to install a separate motor run sensor or to access the CAN-bus system.

When charging, three-stage charge algorithm will increase battery life by properly charging the battery. Especially in the case of vehicles with a smart alternator, or voltage drop caused by long cable runs, controlled charging is indispensable. Controlled charging will also protect the alternator in lithium systems where direct charging can overload the alternator due to the low impedance of the lithium battery.

6. Can this Smart DC to DC recover a flat Lithium battery?

Yes. From the Smartphone app, the unit can be switched to power supply mode and generally recover recently discharged lithium batteries. After recovery, one touch switches it back to DC to DC vehicle charging mode.

7. Why do Victron keep the Smart Solar and Smart vehicle Chargers separate and not provide a combo?

  • Combo solar controller units are a slave to the vehicle DC to DC.
  • They operate at low efficiency and the MPPT is not ultra fast.
  • They are limited in the solar panel voltage so have a late start and early finish.
  • They are also limited in overall power.

The Smart Solar controller in this package:

  • operates at 98% efficiency
  • Can have a 100V panel voltage for an early start and late finish
  • Have Ultra fast MPPT controller that adjusts with variable cloud cover in seconds.
  • AND has an expert mode which, which allows exact matching to lithium for "rebulk mode" on poor solar days or late in the afternoon.
  • AND it will operate up to full power while the DC to DC is operatinng giving up to 50A while driving in full sun.

You will effectively have 10-20% more solar capacity than other popular DC-DC/Solar Combo's. This saves you money with solar panel purchase and size limitations.

8. Warranty?

Victron products have 5 year warranty, Simarine and Safiery have 3 year warranty including the Lithium batteries.

By comparison Redarc only off a 2 year warranty.

9. Operating Manual?

Rather than give you a clutch of sifferent manuals, we have tailored a manual (on line) that steps through operation with Smartphones and the Touch displays.

To see what is included in each system, select the product then the option from the items below.

These additional items can be ordered to add to the system

  1. Upgrade Classic Switch to Smart Switch
  2. Add one additional Classic or Smart Switch
  3. Add Dual or Three way control from additional Smart Switches that use only RJ45 connector (example, leave on case then LHS and RHS of canopy with 4 button switch.
  4. Add Slimline Dual Colour LED's
  5. Add Keyfob Wifi Remote control (40m range because Wifi)
  6. Add Inclinometer (installed inside case)
  7. Add 240V AC 30A charger (240V cable comes from bottom of case)
  8. Upgrade inverter to Inverter charger 3000W
  9. Upgrade inverter to Smart Hybrid 48-12v Inverter Charger
  10. Add WiFi remote control of compressor and airbags
  11. Upgrade Smart Solar up to 50A charger
  12. Add a second Clark Kent 100Ah Lithium for a total of 200Ah. One can be in Canopy, one in the Tray.
  13. Add Safiery High Panel Voltage 250W Portable Solar for Early Start, Late Finish.
  14. Add a Smart Induction Cooktop: Single Round or Dual Hob 2000W Inverter Matched
  15. Add Ice Maker 1.8L or 3.2L 9 cubes in 6 minutes
  16. Add Air-Fryer 7L, 9L, 13L