Safiery RE-THINKS the mobile lifestyle
With high efficiency and clean power in the smallest possible space.

Suitable For




No Solar

No of Days
115W Solar

No of Days
115W Solar
Portable Solar
1) Running Single Compressor Fridge, Lights, Compressor, Charging Phones 2 days 3 days 7-10 days
2) Double Compressor fridge 1-2 days 2-3 days 7-10 days
1) And Underbed Heater in RTT (turns on while driving or with excess solar to dry out and heat mattress) then 2 hrs/night 1-2 days 2-3 days 7-10 days
Plug in a second 100Ah Lithium Clark Kent (Just connect Amphenol Connectors)
1) Above 4 days 5-6 days indefinite
2) Above 3 days 4-5 days 7-10 days


Included Items

Power Warranty
Victron Smart DC to DC from Alternator - Bluetooth YES 30A 5 Years
Victron Smart Solar Controller - Bluetooth YES 15-30A 5 Years
Victron Smart Battery Protect -Bluetooth YES 65A 5 Years
Victron Display of Battery On Bluetooth Only YES 300A 5 Years
Safiery Class Alloy 4 button switch Dimmable PRE-SET 14A 3 years
NO CASE      
Lithium Battery Clark Kent Rugged with Amphenol Connectors YES


3 years


Available Options

  Plug-n-Play Power Warranty
Victron 115W Supertough Glass Solar Panel(s) YES 115W 5 Years
Safiery 250W SuperHigh Portable Solar Panel 28mm Thin 8 kgs YES TINY 3 Years
Inclinometer with Pitch and Roll (Perfect for Roof Top Tents) YES TINY 3 Years
Temperature Sensor for Fridge (long 5m lead to drop in) YES NIL 3 Years
Tank Level Sensor measuring Capacity YES TINY 3 Years
Display 5 Individual Currents: DC to DC, Solar. Fridge, DC Outlets, Inverter YES TINY 3 Years

Available Appliances

RETHINK No of 100Ah
Power Warranty
Safiery Underbed 12V Membrane Heater for RTT 1 100W
8A @ 12V
2 Years
12V Duoetto Hot Water system 1-2    

Smartphone App

Most powerfull combination is the Simarine Gorilla Glass display on the vehicle and the Victron Bluetooth App. Whilst the Simarine app shows status values, it requires WiFi connection blocking the phone from receiving email and messages and it doesnt show history of graphs. The Victron Bluetooth app connects to all devices allowing complete control. 

Solar and Battery History

You dont need to know numbers or understand watts or amps with this app. You simply look at the graph to know how good the day is. When you see "Float mode" you know the battery is fully charged or very close to it. This tells you that you have excess solar capacity. Very simple.

The past 4 days shows you the min and max battery voltage as well.
(ignore 24V example in pic)










Recovery of Flat battery

With Victron Smart devices, there is no need to spike a Lithium battery with a capacitive charge to "wake" the DC or solar charger. Just switch either of the DC to DC or Solar app to power supply mode and it will do the rest.


Turning Complete System off When Vehicle not Used

When you want to turn off the complete system, just use the Smartphone app. Select "off" and confirm. This also turns the Smart Inverter off. When turned off, it is only using "Low Energy Bluetooth Power" of a few mA. This will NOT drain the battery quickly.

The other big benefit is there is no need for a large clunky switch.

The Smart battery protect can also be switched off by the small switch at the bottom of the case if you dont have your smartphone handy.



We all have limited space in a 4WD and, as we travel, our destinations go further away from home with sometimes longer stays as we tour. This means your power and energy needs will change with your touring plans.

For replenishment Energy, this pack gives you 30A from his alternator using a vehicle DC to DC charger. This is a common device with most 4WD’ers. For solar when camping, you can add a 115W panel on the roof or add Safiery’s 250W high voltage panel. This delivers enough energy in a typical day to keep the fridge running and the inverter charging camera and drone batteries.

However, most people don’t realise that Lithium batteries are 27% more efficient in converting solar power than AGM. So changing the AGM out gives an additional 27% solar capacity. This extra amount of energy can be just what the doctor ordered to keep everything light and compact.

With more solar replenishment energy sorted, the size and shape of the Lithium battery was the next thing. Lithium batteries can be drained to 10% capacity whereas AGM should be only 50%. So a 100Ah Lithium will give 90Ah energy which is the equivalent to 180Ah AGM.

Safiery’s Lithium cycle count works this way: when the energy used over a number of days gets to 100% it is one cycle. When not camping, you may use 25% a day as the vehicle DC to DC is putting in power. That means one cycle in 4 days. So in a year with 60 days camping and 300days not camping, expect only 70-90 cycles a year. Safiery’s Lithium will do 2000 cycles at least. That’s 25 years+. So don’t worry about using 90% of the Lithium during camping. 

Safiery’s “Clark Kent” Lithium is very slim at only 100mm deep. It will mount behind the rear seat.  Why is it called “Cark Kent”? Because it is a super performance battery in a small tough alloy case with waterproof connectors. Because it has double the size BMS installed, just one battery is needed to run a 2000W inverter.

The trouble with most inverters is the power they use when not being used if left on. They can drain a battery by 10-15Ah overnight, even if nothing is using them.  Victron are the masters in efficiency and smart electronics. Their range of 12V devices are called smart as they are all Bluetooth controlled. This means their 2000W inverter can be turned on and off using the smartphone on Bluetooth. When off, it is using only enough power for Bluetooth to work. This is a fraction of those brands without these smarts.

With the 2000W Smart Inverter, you can “RETHINK” what would make your mobile lifestyle easier. The first thing you can now consider is to carry a lightweight and compact induction cooker. These are perfect in high wind. They cook so quickly as well. There are days when time is precious, and induction will be perfect. Its also so light at a kilo or two and compact.

The main case ties together the Lithium battery and the inverter safely with mega fuse and 240V RCBO. Then all the charge sources and external devices connect into the terminations at the bottom of the case. You can use Andersen plugs if you wish for the Vehicle DC and Solar inlet power.

It truly is “plug-n-play”. It is only 141mm Deep x 500W and 500mm High for the main case and Inverter. The Clark Kenth Lithium is 100mm D x 250mm H x 500mm Long. It can be mounted in any position including being "hung" on the front wall with terminals down.

Inside this Safiery Case unit is:

1.Smart shunt with Bluetooth mesh connection giving all the battery parameters on State of Charge and Time to Go to your Smart Phone

2.Vehicle Starter Battery Voltage to your Smart Phone

3.Smart Battery Protect with Bluetooth control to shut everything down from your smartphone. This also turns off the inverter. One button for both the 12V and the inverter… simple and smart. It also has a low voltage shutdown that is set by the user. When everything is turned off the Smart Solar will still be able to charge the battery.

4.Mega Fuse that protects the Inverter-battery circuit

5.5 Either fixed or Resettable ATC (automotive blade) fuses for:


b.DC outlets and wireless charging

c.Compressor if used

d.Solar Input

e.Vehicle Charging DC to DC

6.The fuses are accessible inside the bottom section of the case. In addition to the Smartphone isolate, using this master switch isolates everything. The fuse blocks are German Wago, high quality where quality is important.

7.A Double 2.4A USB is available to mount and connects to the Pack fuses. This higher power USB is great for new smartphones and tablets.


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