Powerful & Compact Alternator Charging Power Pack

250A Charging current available

3000W 12V to 48V Hybrid CANbus Controller

400Ah CANbus Lithium batteries each one: 440x360x90 21kgs

400A Discharge available

Victron 3000W Inverter/Charger

400Ah will power a Truma Aventa Roof Top Air-con at 65% dutuy cycle for approx 7-8 hours. With a lower duty cycle, get up to 10 hours. Note the Dometic Harrier RT Aircon consumes 30% more power than the Truma.



Safiery 250A Bilet Alternator Australian made by Rapid.

Safiery CANbus Alternator Controller and Optimisation Software

Victron Smart Shunt

Victron Argofet for charging second AGM battery in engine bay

Victron GX Venus

Victron 3000W Inverter/Charger

Victron Mega Fuse Holder and 300A Fuse (2 x)

Safiery temperature Sensor and Wiring Harness for Alternator Control

Excludes power cable for 200A from Alternator to Battery


SKU PPK12483001
Brand Safiery Package

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