This is a 2023 Product Pre-release Information

The Surround 360 Degree Processor is CANbus Control and we will be integrating into the Safiery Integrated Display system.

There are 4 cameras required for a length under 12m. One mounted to each side of the Caravan, RV, 4WD.

For the caravan, the system is integrated into the Head Unit in the caravan. The Birds Eye Camera view is then on the tablet display on the suction cup mount in the 4WD. This is a WiFi connection between the Head Unit and the vehicle.

Watch on Insta to see the results and final release.

Until we test, we dont know how well this will operate on shorter vehicles like 4WD's as we have selected cameras and spacing for caravans.

  • Seamlessly stitched 360° around vision for better safety
  • RTSP streaming media output, integrate with Safiery Integrated Display
  • 4CH 1080P HD waterproof 360 surround view panoramic image system: 4CH 195° ultra-wide angle HD cameras input, multiple viewing models with free switching of 3D/2D perspective, are specially designed for caravans, RV’s and 4WDs.
  • With IP69K waterproof, even if in harsh environments, it offers 360° panoramic bird view, achieving 360° monitoring without blind spots.
  • With strong recording function, it can offer 512GB+2T SSD large capacity video storage.
360 Degree Surround View Camera  
Resolution 1080P
Output signal AHD
Image Device CMOS
Frame Rate 25/30
Automatic White Balance  Available
Automatic Exposure Available
Night vision Starlight level
  Visiable when<0.1lux, infrared light is not required
White balance Automatic
Exposure Automatic
Dimension 62*41.72*34.11 mm Camera's angle cannot be adjusted
Viewing angle FHD808 (Recommended for 3D view)
  Horizontal max. 195° Vertical max. 135°
Power supply 12V
Operating temp. & humidity –20℃ ~70℃, RH95%MAX.
Waterproof rating IP69K
Lens length 1.45mm


360 Degree Surround View Control box: 
Video input Max.4CH×1080P  AHD (25/30)FPS
Video output RTP/RTSP 1080P/720P/D1 optional
Output delay The average delay of RTSP push stream is less than 200ms
Startup with picture Support fast picture of single channel screen within 3 seconds
Display view types Single channel view of each camera
  Six split view
  2D panoramic view (original 2D view)
  3D panoramic view at any perspective
Storage Max. 1×512G SD card+1×2T SSD card
Recording Max.4CH×1080P H.264 15FPS encoding   
  4CH 1080P standard input or single-channel splicing composite screen image
  Format AVI/MSV
Playback The board supports 6CH simultaneous playback on Laptop
Code stream 1MB/2MB/4MB
Control box dimension 181.6*146.6  mm
Waterproof rating IP69K
Control Remote control with CAN is optional
Network Ethernet or  WIFI
Expanded port 2 x J1939 CAN Interface
Power supply 10-32V
Operating current <2A/12V
Operating temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃ 
Operating humidity 10%-95%


SKU CAM88054001

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