There is no Victron Solar Controller in this package, if you are unsure of your solar controller accepting high efficiency PV, please check with your Solar Controller supplier or choose a compatible Victron Smart Solar controller.

The High PV Portable Solar will not function with low efficiency Combo DC to DC Solar Controllers (even if MPPT) nor any PWM controller. Examples are Redarc, Enerdrive, Setec, BMPro and Intervolt. They will only work with high efficiency solar controllers that accept High PV on the PV input: Victron, Mastervolt and Morningstar are examples.

The performance and results have only been tested with Victron Smart Solar controller.

High Performance 175W Portable Solar Panel

  • 175W at 25 deg c
  • Japanese ETFE top layer
  • High Panel Voltage at 42.8V Voc
  • 3 kg
  • 10m Heavy Duty Extension Cable
  • 10m Security Wire fixed to inside of panel
  • 25mm thin x 550mm x 365mm Folded 
  • 3.5 mm thin x 550mm x 2030mm Unfolded 

High efficiency Portable Solar operates at a high Panel Voltage (PV):

  • Early Start, Late Finish. Capture the sun about an hour earlier when the panel is cool for extra solar performance that is not possible with DC-DC/Solar Controller systems.
  • As the sun’s intensity reduces with cloud cover there is sufficient voltage to charge the batteries.
  • Less losses with connecting cables as current is 50% less. So you can use 10-20m.

Self Supporting Struts on each Panel Segment:

  • Struts hinge from panel to ground
  • Straps connect bottom of struts to rear of panel at ground level
  • Easy to add pegs for added stability in high wind.

What is included in this package:

  • 175W Portable Solar Panel
  • 10m Stainless Steel security wire
  • 10m Extension cable
  • Blue Ando to Victron Smart Solar from Portable Panel
  • Bag to store solar controller and cable that vecros onto front side of Portable panel.
  • 2 year Warranty on Panel, 5 Year Warranty of Solar Controller

Clever Design for 48V Systems

Smart Solar Controllers (all brands) need at least 5V panel voltage above the maximum charge voltage of the lithium batteries to function.

This means for Safiery 48V CANbus a minimum Voc of 53V + 5V = 58V. It is preferable to be higher than this for low irradiation winter months. We suggest +10V.

Two of the 175W Portable panels in series will more than meet this criteria. Whats clever in our design is that each panel is only a 42.8V maximum voltage differential. This puts less voltage stress on the portable panel.

For users of the Victron Multi RS and Smart Solar 6000, a trigger voltage of at least 120V is required for the MPPT smart solar to fire up. Three of the Portable panels in series will do this. Once fired up the Maximum Power Point range drops to 80V. This fits very nicely with e portables in series and gives lots of panel voltage head room for winter months yet does not put voltage stress on each portable panel. 


2 Year Warranty on Portable Solar

5 Year Warranty on Victron Solar Controller

250W at 25 deg c

Voc 63.2V

Isc 5.1A

Vmp 52.3V

Imp 4.79A

SKU PSP621750101
Brand Safiery
Shipping Weight 12.4000kg
Shipping Width 0.700m
Shipping Height 0.150m
Shipping Length 0.550m
Shipping Cubic 0.057750000m3

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